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This blog will follow the heavy overhaul of 7820 through to its return to steam. The chassis is being overhauled at Tyseley Locomotive Works whilst the boiler is being overhauled at Ian Riley's workshops.
We are working hard every weekend to bring together the hundreds of small pieces that require refurbishing to get the loco back into working order. Follow us to keep up todate with the weekly progress and who knows if you like the look of what you see you may even be tempted to join us and help put 7820 back in action.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Progress through June and early July 2013

Having been moved from the 'King Shed' at Tyseley, the chassis basks in the late afternoon sunshine whilst fresh coats of paint on the drag box and cab dry.
The sections of top feed pipes that couple to the clacks receive a coat of paint. The olive that forms the seal between the pipe and clack can be seen temporarily secured to the pipe flange.
With the boiler approaching completion, attention is turned to the ancillary items required on its return which include handrail fittings and the smokebox door dart and handles.
Inside the New Works at Tyseley, two new sections of boiler cladding that have been manufactured by the working parties await rolling.
A new smokebox has been manufactured and the apertures for the blast pipe and steam pipes have been cut.  
Another view of the new smokebox  with the aperture for the chimney cut and the reinforcing ring for joining to the boiler barrel has been trial fitted. The picture shows an interesting comparison between the smokeboxes for a Manor and in the background, that for a Castle
With the crossheads fitted, the new pistons have been fitted in the cylinders and the piston rods secured in the crossheads.
With the pistons back in place, 'boxing up' has started with the replacement of the cylinder covers.
The side rods have been cleaned in readiness for the bushes to be pressed out and re-metalled, machined and returned to the rods.
The old paint on the door is removed.
The door is cleaned prior to painting. In the background can be seen the heavily corroded smokebox from a double chimney Castle
Finally a coat of heat resistant paint is applied.
Looking down from the running plate above the centre driving wheels, eccentric strap L2
has been fitted to the eccentric sheaves. The strap is coupled to the expansion link by the eccentric rod which bolts onto the two studs.
With eccentric strap L2 in place, L1 is fitted to the sheave. The eccentric straps convert the rotary motion of the axle to a reciprocating motion to drive the valve gear.
Delivery has been taken of the batch of draw hooks that the Group has had manufactured for G.W.R. locomotives. The long shank version is seen above. 

The short version of draw hooks were manufactured simultaneously together with the retaining nuts. These hooks have been manufactured to mainline standards and a quantity have already been ordered
                                            by other G.W.R. locomotive owning groups.

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