7820 Dinmore Manor - The Blog

This blog will follow the heavy overhaul of 7820 through to its return to steam. The chassis is being overhauled at Tyseley Locomotive Works whilst the boiler is being overhauled at Ian Riley's workshops.
We are working hard every weekend to bring together the hundreds of small pieces that require refurbishing to get the loco back into working order. Follow us to keep up todate with the weekly progress and who knows if you like the look of what you see you may even be tempted to join us and help put 7820 back in action.

Sunday 29 December 2013

December 2013 - Tyseley Locomotive Works

The cab with some of the fittings bolted back in place.

                                             A view down the fireman's side of the engine

A view down the drier's side of the engine


                                     Back inside the tent, work starts on the smoke box area

With the cab safely back in place, the engine is shunted back onto the turntable

With the cab in place, cladding of the boiler and firebox can be undertaken
The cab roof is lowered into position
The engine is manoeuvred to allow turning prior to installation of the cab roof 
After a long day and a few trials and tribulations, the boiler is finally positioned in the frames
The steam fountain has to be installed on the firebox back head before the cab roof is replaced
The holes for securing ash pan flange to the foundation ring are marked out to accept the securing studs. The rectangular cut outs are the positions of the grate support brackets. 
The modified design of ash pan as fitted to 7828 is prepared for installation to the firebox. This fabrication caused some clearance problems during installation to the frames and had to be modified to allow the boiler to sit correctly in the frames  
The regulator handle is cleaned and receives a fresh undercoat of paint
The air vacuum release valves, commonly known as the snifting valves, have had the valves faces and spindles reground. The assemblies are of BR design as they have the additional boss which can be used for measuring steam chest pressure.
Cutting new joints prior to re-assembly of the air vacuum release valves.

Monday 25 November 2013

Saturday, 23rd November 2013 - Tyseley

Boiler Progress
The firebox has had the expansion brackets bolted in place and new angle iron spacers are being drilled and fitted to space off the cladding. The weld seam where the new lower plate work has been joined to the original is clearly visible 

The jigsaw puzzle of copper pipes for the cab fittings are laid out ready to fit -  all we need is  
                                              an unsuspecting soul to volunteer to fit them!!!

Removing blanks from the firebox after the steam test  to allow assembly of the cab fitting - best done with the boiler empty!!

Thursday 21 November 2013

Saturday, 16th November 2013 - Tyseley

The Boiler
                           With the smoke box now in place, 7820,s boiler was lit up and steamed.

From a makeshift footplate, John tends the fire
Things being to warm up.......

Pressure starts to rise......
Time to get the beans on!! Potatoes are roasting in the smoke box.........
and finally, mission accomplished as the volunteers tuck into a picnic courtesy of 7820
Totally bagged (some have to be wheeled into place), the team line up in front of what must be the most expensive cooker in the country!! Here's to the next time, egg bacon and sausage on the shovel?

Monday 11 November 2013

Saturday 9th November 2013 - Tyseley

The Final Frontier
The impressive sight of 7820's boiler standing on packing with Tyseley's steam crane in the background. This will now be used to lift the smoke box into place

Checking the packing under the firebox

The chimney arrives at Tyseley in readiness to be fitted to the smoke box. 7820 will carry the later elegant style of chimney fitted in the 1950's by B.R. after redrafting of the Manors

The cab roof receives some TLC. This cannot now be refitted until the boiler is in the frames

Some of the compensating links and a brake hanger pin have been machined by volunteers in readiness to complete the re-assembly of the brake gear.

Friday 8th November 2013 - Tyseley

The Re-Union
With the steam test successfully completed, the boiler arrives at Tyseley aboard Allelys transport to be re-united with the rolling chassis

A quarter of a million pound plus of boiler is eased of the transport trailer by Tyseley's steam crane

The trailer eases away from under the boiler in readiness for it to be lowered onto packing.

In very wet conditions the boiler is eased into a position where it can be placed on packing to permit fitting of the smoke box and ash pan

Thursday 7th November 2013 - Riley and Son

The Boiler

Our Insurance Company boiler inspector keeps a watchful eye on the boiler as steam pressure
                                                                     is raised

A little gentle firing is undertaken as the pressure gauge creeps up the dial
The safety valve is adjusted as the boiler pressure reaches the 225lbf/sq.in.
With the pressure gauge showing 225 lbf/sq.in., the safety valve feathers steam for the first time in nine and a half years.'Some of the finest boiler work he had seen in a while' was the boiler inspectors remark.
With a job well done and the steam test successfully completed, the team at Riley's pose for a picture
with 7820's boiler in the background.

Monday 4 November 2013

Riley & Son 01.11.13 - A major milestone is reached

                                                                  The Boiler

The front tube plate with all the tubes fitted has the live steam flanges blanked off ready for hydraulic test

An overall view of the boiler with the live steam flanges similarly blanked off on the firebox backhead
For the first time in nine and a half years the boiler registers pressure of 45 lbf per sq.in as it is filled with mains water. The hydraulic test will be followed by a steam test and inspection by our insurance boiler inspector prior to being despatched to Tyseley.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Saturday, 2nd November 2013 - Tyseley

Brake Gear
In the pit beneath 7820, the linkage from the vacuum cylinder to the adjusting barrels has been connected to the leading brake beam compensating gear and the pull rods between leading and intermediate brake beams fitted. The picture is taken from beneath the trailing axle.
The Cab
Some filling of pitting inside the cab will ensure a good finish.
The Frames
With the return of the boiler now imminent, the opportunity was taken to test fit the bolts securing the boiler expansion plates. The nine tapped holes in the frame can be seen from beneath the running plating and the outline of the expansion plates visible around the tapped holes. 
The nine bolts were fitted to both sides of the locomotive, a task not helped by the fact that although the bolt threads were all identical, the hexagon heads were of different sizes, 7/8"W and 11/16"W.
A view looking forward on the fireman's side of the locomotive as a multitude of tasks are completed to move the locomotives completion forward
Attention is given to the paintwork on the smoke box ring as the smoke box will shortly be removed to re-unite it with the boiler.

Saturday, 26th October 2013 - Tyseley

                                           Brake Gear

The brake pull rods, buckle links and compensating gear are made ready for installing beneath the locomotive. This proved to be a frustrating task and remains to be completed

                                        Other Tasks

Dinmore Manor's 4 wheel buffet car!!

Inside the tent, attention is given to the cab sides as David returns to his duties

With a Tyseley Open Day on the Sunday, some improvisation was made to secure the smoke box door as the fittings were not yet in place.

                  Success as the smoke box door is closed and secured and the lance cock fitted