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This blog will follow the heavy overhaul of 7820 through to its return to steam. The chassis is being overhauled at Tyseley Locomotive Works whilst the boiler is being overhauled at Ian Riley's workshops.
We are working hard every weekend to bring together the hundreds of small pieces that require refurbishing to get the loco back into working order. Follow us to keep up todate with the weekly progress and who knows if you like the look of what you see you may even be tempted to join us and help put 7820 back in action.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Saturday, 13th April 2013

The regulator rod passes through the regulator gland stuffing box into the cab and will be installed once the boiler returns. Mounted on the flange is the slotted cam linkage which operates the jockey valve providing lubrication when the locomotive is in motion. The linkage has been manufactured from new.

How many people are require to fit a steam pipe to a Manor? Answers on a postcard to .................

Keep moving lads or you will get undercoated!!!

Now they have got the hang of it, lets try fitting the front vacuum pipe

A view along the locomotive after positioning inside the King shed

Lubrication pipes, insulation and cladding in place on the right steam chest. The joint with the three studs projecting is for coupling the outside steam pipe to the steam chest once the boiler is installed.

At the rear of the locomotive and underneath the cab and drag box, much of the pipework has been reinstalled

The drivers side injector mounted on a bracket on the cab step has the steam and water pipes connected 

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